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Twitter Update

Bad Kitty , cliente twitter para WebOS

Bad Kitty, a twitter client for WebOS! Enjoy twitter with style. Use twitter to find out what is happening right now, anywhere in the world. Bad Kitty uses Twitter's secure login method (oAuth), meaning we will never ask you for your password. Features include: multiple account support, image upload & previews, type-to-tweet (just type to start a tweet), background notifications, user-customizable alert tones, and more. ::::: New in 1.1.6 ::::: Minor bug fixes ::::: New in 1.1.5 ::::: User interface enhancements, customizable startup page, upload images to your personal yfrog/tweetphoto accounts, speed, more ::::: Bad Kitty, Consume Twitter. Hit our website for more info. http://www.superinhuman.com/badkitty If you have ideas or feedback contact us via email at badkitty@superinhuman.com.

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