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CNC rotary transfer machine MANDELLI

Vertimac transfer machines allow to produce profitably both big and small batches of complex components, belonging to various families of pieces.

Thanks to proper clamping fixtures, it is possible to machine up to five sides with only one positioning.

The materials generally worked are aluminium, cast iron, steel and brass.

The essential characteristic of Vertimac is its high structural flexibility: these machines are supplied with a variable number of stations, ranging from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 14, and each station, excluding the loading/unloading one, can be equipped with 3 or more unit heads.

The frames, made of electrowelded steel with double-walled cellular structure, assure high static and dynamic rigidity. Consequently, all cutting forces are perfectly absorbed, enabling to carry out heavy roughing operations in one station and high accuracy machining in the following station.
The various wide lateral windows of Vertimac assure an immediate and total accessibility to tools and fixtures, drastically reducing set-up and change over times. Moreover, the hanging table allows the downward free fall of chips and coolant, also enabling the machining of materials which produce long chips.

The highest productive efficiency is assured by the use of in-process dimensional controls, of monitoring systems and of devices for the automatic recovery of the tool wear, and by a complete and efficient diagnostics.

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