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Air operated hydraulic pump HYDRATRON

Hydratron Air Operated Hydraulic Pumps are capable of generating output pressures of up to 45,800 PSI ( 3,160 Bar ) when supplied with just 100 PSI ( 7 Bar ) air pressure. There are 4 model ranges offering flows of up to 7 gpm ( 31.7 Ltr per min ).
These pumps will maintain pressure within a system indefinitely without consuming power or generating heat plus their output pressure can be infinitely varied by simply regulating the driving air pressure.
These pumps are ideal for pressure testing, chemical injection and for hydraulic power applications. Standard models are suitable for oil or water service having wetted parts manufactured from stainless steel and aluminium bronze. Options include all stainless steel wetted parts for pumping more aggressive chemicals with isolation chambers which keep the pneumatic and hydraulic sections of the pumps completely separate. This is particularly desirable when pumping hazardous fluids.
Pumps can be supplied individually or mounted in Power Pack form in which case they are mounted within metal frames complete with reservoirs, all necessary air controls, output pressure gauges and pressure release valves.

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