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Célula robotizada de colada para funciones Vulcan Engineering

Automated Casting Pouring Stations Automatic Pouring Basin Manipulator The automatic pouring basin manipulator, controlled and powered by the automatic ladler, completes the automation of the pouring operation by lifting the pouring basin from one flask, inverting the basin for blow-out, and setting the basin in place on the next flask. Features One (1) Automatic Ladler Pouring capacity to 200 pounds (91 kg.) of aluminum Radius of approximately 80 inches (2030 mm) Maximum 270 degree rotation capability Includes mechanical operating unit, hydraulic power unit, and electrical controls. Mechanical Operating Unit A heavy steel base plate supports the hydraulic rotary actuator and rotating superstructure. The rotating base carries the ladle support arms and the hydraulic cylinders, which raise the arms and tilt the ladle. Electronic position feedback and proportional control valves are used on all motions. All bearings used on the hot end of the ladle support arms are nitrided H-13 tool steel. Sheet steel shielding is used to guard all operating components at the base of the unit. Two fabricated steel ladle cups are included with the mechanical operating unit.

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