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Football generates electricity at the point of kicking

 Energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed "is one of the maxims of Physics.  The world begins Friday with the Jabulani South Africa as official ball. ¿Qué relación tienen ambos datos? What relationship do the two data? . Nothing really, but not I think of a better way to talk about sOccket, a soccer ball can transform the energy of players into electricity.

 From the players kicked the ball created by four students at Harvard University has a dual purpose: to entertain and serves as a portable energy source.  Until now, each chute to give the ball transfers energy from the foot to the leather ball, which becomes a large proportion of kinetic energy.

 With sOccket part of the energy is stored inside a coil, which after 15 minutes of action, goals and punt on either side is capable of producing the energy needed to run an LED lamp for 3 hours or to load a cell. Although still not a very efficient system, sOccket being tested in communities in Kenya and South Africa, where there are serious problems of energy supply.

 Hopefully this ball, which weighs a little more than a conventional ball, becomes a viable alternative, as it promotes physical activity, can generate clean energy and help thousands of villages have no electricity in the world.

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