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Palletizing Robot

High speed articulated palletizing robotFANUC Robotics
Together with integration partners, FANUC Robotics offers a range of advanced solutions to speed up end of line operations.

With a payload range from 2 to 1200kg, you are sure to find the robot model that best suits your needs:
› very high speed M-430iA/2F dedicated to food industry (food grease, up to 120 picks per minute, washable)
› High speed M-6iB series (2-10kg payload) for very fast pick&place applications. Higher payloads are managed at high speed with M-420iA-M-421iA robots (40-50kg)
› M-410iB series (160-450kg): the most successful palletizing robots in Europe!
› M-900iA series (260-700kg) for very heavy payload with highest wrist inertia. Smaller payload can be handled with the top selling M-710iC (20-70kg) or R-2000iB series (100-250kg)
› M-2000iA series (900kg - 1200kg) for ultra heavy payloads

Our intelligent software and systems ensure reliable and safe handling operations:
› Integrated vision: our latest R-30iA controller comes as standard with all the necessary hardware for 2D vision: just plug a camera and a cable! This is most cost-effective solution on the market!
› Line tracking software
› Collision Guard to protect robot, tooling and products
› Advanced vision for 2D visual line tracking or 3D bin picking
› Multi robot control for increased cycle time

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